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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (Xbox 360)

Action-role-playing games grew up in corridors. Some have wide corridors, and some have randomized corridors, but they're all corridors that lead from a starting town hub to a final boss fight. Sacred 2 doesn't stand for that. You go where you want, for as long as you want, and even when you want. Do you intend to plow through the storyline? Have at it. It won't hold you back. Digging the swamps? Stick around and farm all the side quests. Curious about those islands up north or that desert in the south? Go have a look. The main quest -- available in good or evil flavors -- serves as a guided tour through every boss and every biome, with dozens of subquests along the way. But the point...
Movie Review: Star Trek
The vastly new and improved Star Trek is on a path that will have more than older fans of the franchise latching onto....

Movie Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Three years have passed so it's time for another X-Men film; this new action-adventure probably won't let down ardent admirers of a super-buff, yet human-looking Hugh Jackman.

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System of a Down - Mesmerize / Hypnotize CD Review
REVIEW: De La Soul [Nike; 2009]

Perhaps owing to the lingering psychic scars of forced laps in middle school, I don't run. I'm admitting that up front, not as some sort of badge of lazy-ass pop critic pride, but because I've been tasked to review the latest entry in semi-sinister conglomerate/occasional patron of the arts Nike's Original Run series. This time it's De La Soul, using a late-career corporate sponsorship opportunity to both reaffirm their existence and provide an all-new soundtrack for a 45-minute jog....I can judge the efficacy of Are You In? only in contexts other than the one intended...

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Flash Games... Flash Movies...
Flash cartoons are animations that include images and sound. They require the Macromedia Flash Player. Most web browsers already have the Flash Player installed.  Here's a  sample of what we have to offer in our new Flash sections: Page 1 | Page  2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 |

Game Music Bounce
This music puzzler  is definitely a refreshing change from standard "fast-fingers" music games.
Game Thing-Thing 4
Nice gun effects. A bit difficult. Overall, a good time.
Cartoon Faith Fighter
Choose your belief, beat people up with it, and vent your intolerance.
Game Grid 16
Play 16 games in a giant grid all at once. Does a good job making goals and objectives simple.
Game Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders  
An interesting mix between a puzzle and a shooting game.
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