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Old Time Relijun -- Witchcraft Rebellion (K Records)

From the first moment I turned on the CD I knew I wasn't going to like this. At that moment I looked at the odd CD art and heard the off centered guitar of OTR, but it was only after finishing that first song that it truly sunk in how much I didn't want to listen to this CD anymore.

What is this? Is this even music? Am I in hell and is this my punishment? All of this went through my mind as I was transported into the twisted, unreal world that is Old Time Relijun -- a band that breaks musical boundaries with one of the most prevalent being the boundary broken between the realm of music and noise. Witchcraft Rebellion has the abstract sound of Animal Collective, without any of the band's the musical talent. The tracks take you to a magical world where you don't have to be able to play an instrument well to be in a band and get a record deal. I'm really not sure if this is what they were going for on this CD, but if is, OTR are some twisted, God-fearing, backwater folk, with an odd sense of taste.

Best Track: Track 8, neither the CD nor the CD insert had track names, so I can only assume that it's named "King of the World."

Where they'll be in 5 years: On the street with some sort of brain damage, because you can't put together an album like that without the help of some heavy narcotics.

Reminds Me Of: The effect of drinking some Jack Daniel's mixed with lighter fluid in a shot glass while eating hallucinogenic mushrooms and busting yourself in the head with a hammer.

The Bottom Line: I think listening to this is like the feeling you get after using inhalants. Don't do drugs kids.

Rating: 3/10
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