BACKFIRE! Interview

After 6 years in the European hardcore scene, Holland's Backfire is
still pumping out solid old school hardcore tunes. Their latest release
"Still Dedicated" will be released in the United States on Victory Records ( Backfire plans to come to the US to tour during the summer.

After reviewing Backfire's "Still Dedicated," we interviewed Wib of Backfire and asked him about the band and its influences. Submitted for your approval is the Backfire interview:

NAE: How did you first get involved with music and the band?

Wib: We've got involved in the scene at a very young age and it grew throughout the years. Backfire! started in '94

NAE: What motivates you to create your music?

Wib: To get away from daily struggles, to have a purpose in life.

NAE: Does your music have a message to it, if so explain it?

Wib: Our lyrics are mostly about personal things. They are about going on in our lives but I think people can relate to a lot of things in our lyrics, 'cause we all have to deal with the same bulls*** in our lives.

NAE: Who are you influences in the music world?

Wib: Our biggest influences are the old 80's HC bands like Sheer Terror, A.F., Madball, Slapshot and band like Crowbar, we love that stuff.

NAE: Are there any bands or musicians who you would like to, or are planning to, collaborate with?

Wib: We are collaborating with friends from Brussels BELGIUM, they play in Deviate and Length Of Time. the project is called AngelCrew. It's a hard band with metal influences. The record should be out soon.

NAE: Do you consider yourselves a strictly independent band, or do you hope to become mainstream and more well known?

Wib: We'll take whatever comes our way. We are open to everything. Of course we would like to become well known in the U.S. and the rest of the world, but we will never change our style to become a big band!

NAE: Any final words?

Wib: Thanks for the interview, and hopefully we will get a chance to come to the U.S. and do a tour.
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