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Hoods -- Time: The Destroyer (Victory Records)

BIO: Driven by fierce raw energy of pure metallic hardcore, Sacramento, California's Hoods have become infamous for their determination and no holds barred work ethic. It has kept them alive for the past 6 years and has set them apart from all of the other bands their genre. The Hoods' "Do It Yourself" mentality has made them one of the most recognizable bands in the US hardcore underground.

Hoods are not only an energy driven band, they are also a musically talented band (most musical metal, however, should still not to be confused with real music). The intros to the tracks are good enough by themselves to be lengthened and turned into an independent instrumental CD. The vocals are a bit scratchy and needs a some refinement if they want to compete with the technical guitar and drum work.

Reminds Me Of: System of a down without clever hooks, ethereal lyrics, middle-eastern influences or good lead singing. Well, I guess they're not much like System of a Down at all. But, they have an edge, all they need to do is capitalize on it.

The Bottom Line: The tracks are high energy and would probably sound great live. Time: The Destroyer gets my recommendation, but I wouldn't consider it a crossover hit for anyone who doesn't like underground hardcore. Be wary *NSync lovers.
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