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C-Quence -- Rugged and Buckwild (Kamikaze Records)

BIO: Drew "Nasty", Sean "Sexy", Genaro "B-Freaky", and Tea "Crazy" together form the controversial Bay Area Cali based qurtet better known as C-Quence. "We decided to write music that reflected our interests and experiences in t e time we live in," Drew said responding to the crticism from the media and community organizations for taking the "Freedom of Speech" clause to the extreme. Already the album hass been banned from several record stores due to its lyrical content.

They definately won't win any songwriting awards, but what they lack in writing ability, they make up with their vocal skills. As a matter of fact, a bit of controversy has followed around the guys of C-Quence. It ends up that there is so much sex, sexuality, and sexual innuendo in Rugged and Buckwild that some music stores have refused to carry the CD -- not to mention, the group has also received some flak from community groups. What I found suprising after reading about the controversy is how civil they really are. Surprisingly, even though all 15 tracks of their CD are about getting women, sleeping with women, or doing some freaky things with women, only 3 contain any real profanity (with one exception -- Track 8, "I just wanna F*** you" which might be  a lttle overboard). I also expected them to make songs that degraded women, but they don't. They treat the women in their songs  with a remarkable amount of respect (at least not any less than men do normally). I really don't see where the controversy comes from. Instead, I get a pretty classy vibe from this CD; the members don't want to take advantage of the women in their songs, they just want to make the most of the situations they get in (if you know what I mean). 

The song's beats are tight, production is good, and the singing is standout, but with songs like M.I.L.F,  Latex Dreams, and Jailbat, you really have to wonder whats going on in their minds when they're writing. They say that the average male thinks about or talks women every 19 seconds, these guys are definately above average.

Best Track: M.I.L.F is the best song because of its obsurd lyrics alone -- "Baby baby you're so fine, but you're mamma's on my mind" and "I'm sorry babe it's no you, Its your mamma that I wanna do"

Where they'll be in 5 years: Standing in the line of a clinic getting tested for STDs.

The Bottom Line: If you don't pay too much attention the the lyrics, this is a tight collection of R&B. C-Quence should be proud of thier singing talent, but thier moms should wash out thier mouths and wash off their jocks before they sleep on their sheets -- maybe then more stores would carry their CDs.

Rating: 5.8/10
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