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Big Big Furnace -- Soundtrack to a Midwestern Winter
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BIO: Well, its a little bit late to tell you this one, but BBF's website says it all...

"We regret to inform everyone that as of June 19th, Big, Big Furnace has officially disbanded. The reasons for this are simple: Tim and his wife Becky have just had their second child. With one newborn and one toddler to look after, it became apparent to Tim that it would be near impossible to juggle his responsibilities in the band along with his parenting responsibilities...As a band, we have decided that we would rather disband than to carry on without Tim..."

They are playing a final show on Saturday, August 18th at the Rockwater Cafe in Wausau.

BBF is an average band, nothing too experimental, nothing too technical or quirky. There's not really that much that stands out on their new CD. The tracks are mainly rock with a few country and folk elements interspersed between. A few of the songs have some clever lyrics, but all-in-all "Soundtrack to a Midwestern Winter" is almost as boring as the Midwestern winters its named after.

Best Track: "I'm a Bad Stalker," a short ballad about lost love -- and a bit of stalking -- but mostly about lost love.

Where They'll Be In Five Years: Tim will be looking forward to his child's fifth birthday. Good luck!

Reminds Me Of: Whitewash drying on a picket fence (Don't worry, it's an endearing comparison).

The Bottom Line: The music is all right in technique and execution, but it's as dull as molasses is thick.

Rating: 4.5/10
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